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Sticks Up!

Capturing accurate statistics for the fast-moving game of lacrosse is a challenge for any high school or college team. LAXSoft has been designed to make it easy for you to capture all game actions while the game is in progress on a laptop computer or if you prefer you can capture the stats on pre-printed forms and later enter them into LAXSoft.  It captures every statistic required for NCAA XML reporting for Men's or Women's Lacrosse.

For most statistics, you click on the Player's name and then the action button for the stat. A running total of all statistics and a Score Board are displayed.

LAXSoft Features!

Other Standard LAXSoft Features:

If you can’t use a computer during the game, you can print blank forms provided by LAXSoft and enter the statistics into the program later. You will be able to provide detailed reports to your coaches, the media, and your fans!

How will LAXSoft help the coaching staff?

LAXSoft can show a coach the contributions of individual players by game, season or for a player's career. Half-time reports provide the coach with a quick synopsis of play that can reinforce his half-time strategy.

How can LAXSoft help the players?

Many players who don't score goals contribute to a team's success by picking up Ground Balls, making Defensive Stops, playing "error free", and winning face-offs. Obviously a good coach sees the contribution of all his players, but LAXSoft can remind him of each players contribution when motivating and teaching his players. High School Players will be helped in the recruiting process with statistics that highlight there special contribution to the team.


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Statistics Captured:

LAXSoft supports boys and girls lacrosse in the same package.

LAXSoft is a Stat Import Partner with MaxPreps.

You can upload your team's game data in a few seconds to the MaxPreps website with LAXSoft 2014 v10.01


News Item, Jan. 13-14, 2012

Philadelphia PA

LAXSoft was in attendance for the second year at the 2012 US Lacrosse National Convention in Philadelphia. Thank you to all that visited us in Booth 744 to see the new features in LAXSoft!


Announcing LAXSoft 2014

The Top Season Performances lists the top 10 stat leaders in any season for Goals, Assists, Points, Saves, Takeaways, and Face-Offs. There is also a version for "Top Game Performances" for all official games.