LAXSoft 2014 Installation Instructions



·         Windows 7, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Profession, Windows 2000 (Service Pack 3 or higher), Windows VISTA, Windows 7, or Window 7

·         Video Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

·         At least 250 MB free disk space during installation


Instruction Steps

1.      Start the download by clicking on the “LAXSoft-2014-Install” link and choosing your browser’s “Save” or “Save As” command.

2.      Save the LAXSoft-2014-Install.exe program anywhere on your local computer. Most computer default to a “Downloads” folder.

3.      Wait for the download to complete. It is approximately 265 MB.

4.      After the download completes, double click on the file LAXSoft-2014-Install.exe

5.      The installation will begin. Follow the instructions.

6.      At the successful conclusion of the installation, there will be a LAXSoft desktop icon and you will find LAXSoft on your “All Programs” menu. The Microsoft Access 2010 runtime will be installed on your local computer and will be only used with LAXSoft.

7.      To run LAXSoft, either double-click on the desktop icon or click on the Windows “Start” button, choose “All Programs”, then LAXSoft.

8.      After you have paid for your LAXSoft license (via PayPal or mailing the order form with your check), you must send in the registration information from the Registration form within LAXSoft. The registration number that you receive will “remove” the restrictions of the demo version.


Removing LAXSoft

·         Use the Windows “Add or Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel. Choose the LAXSoft program and (optionally) the Microsoft Access 2010 runtime.


Please Note:


LAXSoft requires the use of the Microsoft Access 2010 runtime. It is fully licensed to use with LAXSoft. It will not interfere with any other version of Access on your computer. It will only be used with LAXSoft.


LAXSoft is automatically installed on your main drive in the LAXSoft folder (e.g., C:\LAXSoft). The program will only run in this location.


Please contact Customer Service ( if you have any questions about the installation process or on how to use LAXSoft.